The Traitor's Gambit

Maya, an agent of Senator Bail Organa, sheltered you after your transport was impounded on Sel Zonn Station, orbiting Brentaal.
p(oembed). Maya offers a place to live.

When Maya was wounded by Imperial informants and troopers, you agreed to complete her mission.

Maya shot

You found the mysterious Switch,a strange droid information broker, and negotiated on behalf of Maya for the release of the cargo. The cargo was another agent of Alderaanian Security who has been frozen in carbonite for transport from the Deep Core world of Empress Teta. The agent had himself frozen so that he could be transported as cargo rather than as a passenger, reducing the chance that the Empire would find and arrest him. You also agreed to smuggle a crate of Corellian Ale to Alderaan.

The negotiation was interrupted by an attack from a rival upstart gang.
p(oembed). Ganga Lor Attacks Switch
In return for your help, Switch offered you his information services, wherever you happen to be within his network.

Your group entered the hangar bay and warehouse just as the Imperial troops were in the process of impounding it. After a short firefight, the hotshot pilot Sirona O’Keefe arrived in the Banshee. You loaded the frozen agent and the ale into The Banshee and blasted off toward Alderaan.

part 2 – The Briefing

You arrive at Alderaan and are astonished that you are taken to meet personally with Senator Bail Organa in a secret morning meeting. The senator informs you that Maya is safe, and that based on her word, you have earned his trust.

He tells you that the planet Felucia was ravaged during the Clone Wars, but once the fighting was over, the Empire set up some permanent facilities on the world, one of which concerns him – a small garrison that used to be a communications facility. Now it’s just a backwater place where they keep prisoners out of the way while they figure out what to do with them.

Some months ago, Organa was contacted by an Imperial Admiral who was disillusioned with the way the Empire had twisted the Republic, and had begun feeding him sensitive information. A little over a week ago, that communication stopped. Organa’s agent, who you just brought back from Brentaal (frozen in carbonite), had discovered that Admiral has been renditioned to Felucia.

Organa asked you to learn what became of him, and rescue him if you can.

Who is this admiral?

“ Admiral Gilder Varth is a veteran of the Clone Wars and an honorable man. He commanded one of the ships at the Battle of Coruscant and was promoted for bravery. His loyalty to the Empire seemed unwavering, but once you’ve seen what he has seen, it changes you… He was on the planet at the Ghorman massacre.”

What kind of opposition will we face?

“The Imperial presence on Felucia is light. The facility itself is a secret, accessible by air and surrounded by swamps and jungles. They do not advertise its presence with large numbers of troops, and it is far from other settlements. Our knowledge of the facility’s existence is our greatest advantage. Additionally, you shouldn’t be going anywhere near the planet’s major cities, so you should be able to travel largely undetected. There’s just one thing —we believe this facility has a roof-turret.

What is Felucia like?

“Dense overgrowth, flesh eating diseases, shrieking nocturnal predators, and huge fungi are the order of the day on Felucia. It’s a wild, untamed planet, and you should be careful to avoid much of the local wildlife.”

What’s in it for us?

“Each of you will receive 2,000 credits up front, out of which you can secure provisions and keep the rest. If things go well, I will guarantee more work when you return. Additionally, if the Admiral has as much information as I believe he does, this could be an excellent chance to strike a blow at the Galactic Empire

part 2.1 – Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…

Crash plots a course that mostly follows the Parleman trade route, which makes the long journey to the outer rim much faster, but it is still a long trip. Though the quarters are tight, the beautiful ship is appointed like a spa, and you enjoy the few days of much needed relaxation and rest.

On approach to Felucia, Sirona tells everyone to strap in at battlestations, as a precautionary measure. The proximity alert sounds and the ship jumps out of lightspeed, and Felucia fills your viewscreen. Its atmosphere seems covered in iridescent haze, making it hard to distinguish the sea from the land, and there aren’t many lights.

Felucian Approach

Sirona flips a few switches to mask the transponder and cuts her engines, and doesn’t start them again until the ship is already caught in the gravity well. The Banshee desends, punching through clouds and rain until the canyon is spotted amid the lush and brightly coloured vegetation. Sirona heads for it, and you feel the squeeze as she dips beneath the walls and pushes the ship down the slot.

“Hang on! This could get tight, really fast!”

Taking her time, the Banshee pushes through an bizarre landscape of giant flowers, tendrils and bloated fungi. The vegetation makes the canyon much tighter than it appeared on the map, and sometimes the orange overcast sky disappears in the tunnel. Strange flying creatures are bumping and splatting against the windscreen in the rain. Rounding a corner, the slot opens wider, and Sirona accelerates down the straightaway, gliding easily over a cluster of orange mushrooms larger than the ship.

“We’ll set down over there”, she says, pointing to a ledge.

Explosively, a massive mushroom balloons to twice its size and rockets upwards, trailing a cluster of tendrils underneath it.

“What the…?” Sirona jinks the ship to the right, but it’s too tight. The gasbag explodes, buffeting the ship with orange dust and slime. You feel a lurch and a sickening dip as the repulsors begin give out.


Sirona fires the engines hard and the ship lurches forward, shedding much of the slime and dropping the cloud behind it, even as the altitude dips. She points the nose clumsily at a soft and large shelf mushroom near the lip of the canyon and fires the engine hard again. The Banshee arcs upward, and its apogee slides it to a lurching stop on the fungus. The viewscreen is blocked by transluscent membraneous flowers.

You step down into the shelf fungus, and sink a little in squishy biomass. The air smells fertile and you can see fragrant wafts of pollens streaming from bulging stamens. The landscape is bizarre. The membranous vegetation is translucent, oversized, and coloured brightly. It is hot and humid, and insects fly and crawl everywhere.

Sirona: “The damage isn’t bad. The repulsors need to be cleaned of that pollen before we can fly again, and I need to get the carcass off the ship."

You see the remains of the gasbag draped across the ship like an orange balloon, which in this place, is perfect camoflauge.”

Sirona: “We have enough portable supplies here for a week’s travel, but you shouldn’t be gone that long. It shouldn’t take you more than a day or so to get there, but I can wait here for your communiqué for a week, maybe longer if I can hunt something to eat, in case you run into trouble. Crash will monitor your message, so it won’t be missed. Your datapads have been uploaded with maps showing the location of the facility. Be careful out there. Come back to me guys. I’ll keep the tub warm.”

The group was ambushed by flexible, tentacle-headed Felucian natives while examining the scout trooper remains, strung up in effigy. Talina felt a strange disturbance in the force, realizing that these Felucians, and the hundreds of others in the vicinity all appeared to be Force Sensitive.

A shaggy haired old man galloped in on a kybuck shouting to stop the fight, claiming that it was a terrible misunderstanding. Everyone stood down, and the Felucians claimed their fallen, as you marched back to their well-hidden petrified mushroom village.

Mandrake asks about your intentions

At the village, you quickly discovered your common ground with the Felucians, who had been treated harshly by the Imperials at the nearby research center. Many of their warriors had been taken away, never to be seen again. When the shamans went to the garrison, they felt the anguish of their trapped friends inside, knowing them to be in intense pain. In addition, it seemed that their young had fallen prey to an engineered biotoxin.

You tended to the children and your own wounds at the feast that evening, and were treated to a ritual dance that culminated in the shamans using the Force to bloom flowers and move water in an impressive display. Mandrake acted as your translator, and your discussion with the shaman culminated in his assignment of kybuck mounts and a scout to take you safely to the garrison, to show you an entrance. Mandrake also provided an explosive device for you to plant on the communications array and destroy the facility.

The next day, as you were preparing to leave, you overheard an Imperial scout trooper trying desperately to fix his bike, which was belching smoke. Immediately, you chased him through the jungle on your kybucks, trying to get to him before he could warn the Imperials of the nearby village. The chase was extremely fast and treacherous, and ironically, the one with the most trouble was the only trained rider. Evading an angry rancor, you arrived within a river valley only to discover a mobile Imperial command post. You destroyed their communications dish before they could call for reinforcements and elimated the troopers and scouts, taking their bikes. You then regrouped with your scout and arrived at the facility without interruption, finding it to be well defended by troopers, scout bikes, and at least one AT-ST.

Carefully infiltrating through a loose grate on the back of the facility, you moved through the ventilation system into a small storage room. Sneaking out of the storage room into the dim hallway, you spotted the turbolifts and a stormtrooper guard. You attempted to sneak into the nearby medical bay to rescue the trapped Felucians, but the stormtrooper guard heard you. Talina’s mind trick failed, and the guards were alerted, beginning a fast firefight in the hallway. The trooper unloaded full autofire, and some of you were injured in the hail of blaster fire. Splitting off to flank the troopers, you were surprised by a trooper and an Imperial gunner with a Golan Arms blaster cannon firing from the cover of the E-web turret. You were hurt badly by the autofire and the cannon, but scraped through, and you nabbed the grenades and more explosive devices.

You limped into the medical bay, only to disover a medical technician, and a droid gruesomely augmenting a two mutated Felucians, strapped to gurneys. You got the jump on the technician and killed him before he could release the Felucian’s bonds. You put the Felucians out of their misery and accessed the medical database, getting files on the base’s officers and some of their military medical research. You found in the researcher’s notes that the base had been underprovisioned, and it was affecting their research adversely. Noting that the Imperials were out on shift patrols, and the researcher had left explicit instructions to not be interrupted in his work, you took advantage of the lull to gather the bodies, slice the blast doors to lock them, and then you took full advantage of the bacta tanks and experimental healing stimulants. (9 left). You gathered a medical kit and medpacs and moved out.

The next stop was across the hall at the detention center. Immiately upon entering the closed space of the detention monitoring station, Talina force slammed the guards and warden droids, destroying them. Admiral Varth and 3 other prisoners were released – all in rough shape, but you gave them guns and went for the communications center. Something happened while making your plan, and the door suddenly locked. You sliced the door and stormed the room, eliminating the communications technicians and Lt Aden, taking his code cylinder.

The orbital communications window read the following decoded message:
Priority 1 Message Follows:
Prepare former Admiral Gilder Varth for transfer to the Citadel. Inquisitor Draco will be arriving within a standard Felucian
day/night cycle to take custody of the prisoner. You are instructed to have your medical technicians ensure that Varth is fully rested and at his highest possible strength.

Interrogation chemicals should be administered to Varth upon notification that the Inquisitor has arrived on Felucia. Varth will be transferred by shuttle to the Assiduous before Inquisitor Draco takes custody. Time from administration of interrogation chemicals to transfer to the Inquisitor’s personal transport should fall within an acceptable window of 27 to 54 minutes.

You fitted your explosive with a six minute charge and called in the Banshee, as the walker began firing at the blast doors to get into the base. Bolo then attempted to fake a communication about a prisoner transfer of Varth to another Imperial garrison, in an effort to delay the arriving inquisitor.

Varth notes that it was likely around a half hour ago that the guards injected him. You stowed the prisoner, Lt Aden in Varth’s uniform back in the detention center and sliced the turbolift controls. Everyone got in the 4 lifts, 2 to a lift. The doors opened into a command center full of giant mutated felucians and stormtroppers, under the command of Captain Vishchera.

In a desperate firefight, you dispatched the troopers. Varth reluctantly fired on a stormtrooper, killing him. As the Imperials broke through the sundered turret walls, and began flooding the lower base, you sent explosive charges into the lifts, rendering them useless. The group jumped onto the cargo platforms and reached the roof where they entered the Banshee, screaming off into the atmosphere as the base exploded below you

Instead of returning to Alderaan, Captain Okeefe tells you that she has been instructed to rendezvous with a starship in the remote and uninhabited Zandrax System. She goes out of her way not to mention Bail Organa’s name, especially not in front of Admiral Varth, and explains that their benefactor has set up a refuge for them. (uh oh- you recall mentioning Organa’s name to Varth in prison).

Upon exiting hyperspace, you are greeted with the impressive vision of the
Resurgence, a brand-new Nebulon-B frigate. Captain Okeefe lands the Banshee in one of the Resurgence’s docking bays, and once you disembark, they meet thecaptain of the frigate, Adrian Verana.

Captain Verana is a tall and slender man with a young face and a pointed nose, brown hair and a knife-like smile, and kind eyes. He is dressed in the sterile uniform of an Alderaanian officer, and his dark eyes weigh you carefully as he speaks to you. Captain Verana tells you that you have been assigned quarters on the Resurgence, and that the ship’s facilities (including the medical bay) are available at any time.

Admiral Varth, after thanking you, limps away, escorted by several Alderaanian Security agents, who look at the former Imperial with a mix of suspicion and interest. Captain Vischera is taken by another group to the brig. Once Varth is gone, Captain Verana tells you that Senator Organa is thankful for their assistance and forever grateful that they went to such risks to aid him. Verana offers you permanent quarters aboard the Resurgence in exchange for your assistance in the near future.

Depending on the results of Varth’s debriefing, Verana believes that the Senator might have further need of clandestine agents to act on his behalf. He urges you to be quiet as possible about the Senator’s involvement from now on, and he will try to figure out what to do about Varth’s knowledge for the time being. Even though Varth has been communicating with Organa on a regular basis, now that they have taken overt action against the Empire, they do not wish to incriminate the Senator in any way.

During your own debriefing, Verana appears troubled by the mention of Inquisitor Draco’s visit to Felucia, muttering that you might have uncovered something far more involved than a simple Imperial traitor. He speculates that the mutated, force-sensetive Felucians, and the biological weapon research there may have something to do with it. He recalls that, during the Clone Wars, the Separtists had been conducting biological research involving mutogens and cybernetic grafting, and that Anakin Skywalker’s team had defeated their facility on the icy planet of Nelvaan in the Outer Rim Seiges.

An Imperial Inquisitor should be a significant concern for any Jedi or Force-using characters as well—the chief concern of the Inquisitorius is hunting down, capturing, and killing Force-sensitive beings of all stripes

The Traitor's Gambit

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