The Queen of Air and Darkness

The Queen of Air and Darkness – pt1

Admiral Varth discusses Tibanna Gas

Admiral Varth Sees an opportunity to streik at Darga

Landing at Cloud City

You chased Darga to Cloud City, where you helped an Ugnaught mining guild save face in Parliament by apprehending Darga’s ugnaught agents. These agents were skimming large amounts of Tibanna gas, bringing their guild into disrepute, and causing Parliament to bring sanctions.

the Uggnaughts

The Ugnaughts from Figg and Associates offered you a favour. They confirmed that the key transaction between Darga and the Imperials, trading a large amount of tibanna gas for undisclosed biological resources, would occur in person at the Cloud City Sabaac Tournament at the Royal Casino.

The Ugnaughts pulled strings in parliament to get Security Guild to issue your group permission to carry weapons at Cloud City. These licences are quite rare, making you especially employable as security agents. You enlisted in the meploy of Jacc Mandelbrot as private security at the Royal Casino for the upcoming tournament.

You arrived at the Yerith Bespin hotel as a Baron Kithriss checked in with a large entourage of aging clone troopers (out of uniform). The entourage was unexpectedly large and could not be accomodated in the main hotel. Some troopers recognized you and set up an ambush on a walkway between the check-in and the hotel annex.

Note: You suspect that these troopers may have seen you at Darga’s court, but you really aren’t sure. Some of you saw troopers on Felucia, some at you Sel Zonn station, and you aren’t clear if the Empire has your images on file as terrorists, but it wouldn’t surprise you at this point.

You defeated the troopers and captured Kithriss, taking him through the crowds back to your own hotel, to hold him there.

(due to my mistake at the end of the game, I denied you a choice, so I’m offering a retconn:

the battle occurred on an elevated walkway between the hotel sections very late at night. A portion of the walkway overlooked a vent grate some 100 or so stories lower, running between the more populated plazas. Let’s say you dumped the bodies over the walkway, allowing them to plunge into the grate. You took your time and the air was still. you removed identifying features – and asked your friends at Figg & Associates to assist with the cleanup. We will rewind to this point, with an injured kithriss, his luggage, and you all on the walkway, near the back entrance to the hotel annex)

The datapad indicates travel logs that have the Baron originating from Chandrila and then stopping over for several months at a Deep Core destination, seemingly at The Emperor’s personal request. There was a rendezvous with a shuttle that carried his clone trooper retainers, and then they came to Bespin.

The datapad also contains instructions to secure accomodations at Yerith Bespin and await further instructions. He is to let no one know he is an agent for the empire, and he must maintain complete radio silence except to receive instructions on his hotel computer. The Baron and all his group had hotel access cards for their suite in the Yerith Bespin hotel annex.

Mission reminder:
Admiral Varth and Veranna have tasked you to finish the job you started on Cato Nemoidia.

1. Most important: Find out more about the Sarlaac Project. You’ve traced Darga’s contribution, Tibanna Gas to Bespin. The Imperial exchange – the biological resources – is still unconfirmed, and not traced.
a) you know the clandestine transaction is scheduled to occur at the Cloud City Sabaac tournament, and you have now secured your presence at the tourney
b) you have captured an Imperial agent in radio silent mode, known to Palpatine himself, who is awaiting the transmission of further instructions to his hotel room

2. Capture or kill Darga and interdict the exchange – secondary. This will disrupt and delay the Imperial plans, since they’ve worked to consolidate their shipements with Darga to reduce costs and footprint.

The Queen of Air and Darkness Pt 2

Using Baron Kithriss’s hotel key, you occupied his quarters, where you found a private message, encoded “Sarlacc”, directed to him. The message indicated that he was to observe the sabaac tournament to ensure that secrecy was maintained throughout the transfer. If he observed any breach, he was to report it immediately so that the Empire would invoke their backup plane to restore secrecy.

Kithriss resisted talking and Talina indicated there was a strange reduction of The Force around him, which made him harder to reach. Kithriss claimed to be a personal agent of the Emperor, and that he had spent time vacationing on a Deep Core retreat. You thought he may have had some kind of implanted conditioning, and decided to bring him to the tourney in case he was a trigger for the transaction. One thing seemed certain – neither Kithriss or the Imperial player, Lt Arandis, knew the identity of Darga’s agent. They must have planned a kind of callsign to identify each other in plain sight.

Switch contacted you, indicating that The Banshee was easy to find, and that his agents had seen you on Bespin. He asked you to gather information to help his own agent win the pot – Captain Morro. Also, Sirona contacted you from the Banshee to let you know the Mining Guild had patched her in to the System Freight network – which monitored all in system traffic. The Assiduous arrived, released Arandis’s shuttle, as well as a Gallofree class medium transport called The Shackles of Nizon, then it hypered out again.

At the tourney, you found that many players and patrons attempted to bring in firearms and comlinks. Kithriss himself proved to be a wily character, going for the comlinks on Day 1, and engineering a scene to get kicked out on Day 2. As security agents for the casino, you met and interacted with many patrons in your attempt to locate Darga’s agent. Arandis quickly distinguished himself as the most capable player, and tensions rose as players were eliminated.

You returned to your rooms on the second day and found a note: ““I know what you are here for. The tournament is compromised . The plans have changed. Meet me on Platform 13-009 at 0200 (2am)” You took Kithriss to the deserted platform, where you discovered Blan Phoenix, a sexy Twilek celebutante player who’d been knocked out of the game late on the second day. She tried to give her case to Talina, but was intercepted by Kithriss and Bolo. The case exploded, killing Kithriss and Blan, while injuring Bolo. A squad of Gand Findsmen emerged from the turbolift at attacked, along with two flying battledroids with force pikes. All attacks were focused on stunning and capturing the young Jedi. Working together, you managed to defeat them and escaped with your lives. Sirona notified you that The Shackles of Nizon had reached orbit and appeared to run on a slave circuit, but nothing was transmitting to it currently.

The tournament continued for two more days, and by the end of it Arandis threw the game, seemingly deliberately handing over his entire winnings to Lady Fioro. In the crush the crowd’s excitement, Arandis arranged his cards in a numerical pattern which Lady Fioro repeated – it was a slave code which would allow her to take control of the Shackles of Nizon in orbit. Fioro accepted the datapad with winnings account, and just then, another player – Silas Draver – made his move. He triggered the dealer droids he’d rigged earlier, and called up his bribed security guards. In a surprise attack, they killed Arandis, and gravely wounded Lady Fioro and Etho. He tried to steal the accounts pad but was stopped in a spectacular firefight, which was broadcast to all the tournament followers. Talina used the Force prominently, as well as her lightsaber, and baited the Empire, yelling “You didn’t get all of us!”

With stormtroopers and Bespin Wing Guard in pursuit, the dying Lady Fioro confessed that she was Darga’s agent and that there were slaves on the ship in orbit, and that the controller for the slave circuit was on Darga’s ship. You had a standoff with Draver, and eventually gave him the winnings. He ran away with them, claiming you’d saved his life. Following Fioro’s directions, you were pursued to Hangar 4414, where you surprised Darga and his squad of Zabrack pilots from Clan Zionne, who were preparing a hasty getaway.

You radioed to Sirona to take off, and she contacted the Mining Guild to see what they could do to help. Sirona noted that The Assiduous had hypered back into orbit and had begun transmitting slave signals to the Shackles and to an Imperial Tibanna Gas Hauler in orbit. They were on a collision course and would collide in a few minutes. Darga mocked you as he died, claiming that the slaves would have lived in his employ, at least, but that the Empire would never let anyone find the evidence of their transaction. All that stands between the deaths of thousands of innocent slaves (as well as the only trace you have of the Sarlaac project) is you and a hangar full of Z95 Headhunters and a The Glorious Chariot (a Luxury 3000 yacht).

GM Note: “Discover” Destiny bonus now active for Kaev and Etho
As of Ep 3, session 2, the “Discovery” destiny bonus is active for Kaev and Etho. This is effective immediately, for the successful discovery of Darga’s agent and the discovery of the means and nature of the exchange of used slaves for skimmed tibanna gas. +1 bonus to all defenses

+1 Destiny points for these heroes.

Note also, for Bolo and Kayle (Destruction Destinies), you both should each have an extra destiny point for an event a while back, which was not awarded. I can’t tell you why at this point – except to say that the campaign as written was stingy to that particular destiny and missed some important opportunities.

The Queen of Air and Darkness

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