The First to Strike

Some weeks after your last mission, Jedi Master Denia invites you to her chamber to speak about the slave ship you encountered at Bespin.

“My training with the holocron has proven useful, and I thank you again for your assistance in recovering it. With its aid, I have deepened my meditations and have begun to understand the glimpses I receive. The galaxy is filled with great suffering, and the cries of whole worlds, oppressed, come through the Force most clearly.

In particular, I have felt the suffering of what I believe to be the homeworld of the slaves you freed from the Imperials, at Bespin. Having seen and heard them more clearly, I now believe these prisoners were Nazren, a species from Centares, an obscure system in the Malrood Sector. I passed this information to Senator Organa, and he sent a few discreet inquiries to Aldera University.

The Nazren are from outside the Empire. They never joined the Republic and thus have no representation in the Senate. The Empire has a small force on the mining planet Centares, the third world in the Centares System, but has been reassigning those ships for some weeks. The Nazren are native to Nizon, the fifth planet in the system. Because the Empire has no official interest in Nizon, it seems likely that they have made raids on Nizon for slave labor, perhaps originally to run the mines on Centares. They might have left some or clues on Nizon about the Sarlacc Project. Investigate the Nazren people and find out what the Empire is doing with them, and the nature of their link to Saarlac. We need to understand more of what the Empire is up to.

Though there is little information about the Centares system in our records, Captain Verana has located hyperspace coordinates for Nizon in his navcomputer. He’s willing to share them with you—if you’re willing to travel there.

Though this is one of the strongest visions I have had in my meditations, it is far from the only tremor I have sensed in the Force. I am concerned of your report that the Inquisitor Draco was researching Darth Revan’s history, within the Sith Archives. He was a formidable Sith in the ancient histories. I need to remain here for some weeks yet to meditate on these feelings and try to clarify them. The threat on Nizon cannot wait for me to be ready. That’s why I ask you, my trusted friends.

We don’t have much information about Centares or Nizon. Both are apparently dusty and barely hospitable planets. Captain Verana will provide breath masks for any of you that don’t already have them. There is a single mining operation on Centares, with no native life, and one major city on Nazren. Admiral Varth has told me that The Empire removed its forces from Centares some time ago; and that much is clear through reports filed with the Senate. It has never had an official presence on Nizon.

That’s all we know.

Senator Organa has alotted each of you 4,000 credits (already factored) just for making the trip. If you find the information that I sense waits there, he will reward you for recovering that as well."

The Trip to Centares
Planet forming space dust

Hyperspace fades, and the stars find their rightful positions again as you arrive in the Centares System within the mass shadow of Nizon and far enough from the mining center Centares to avoid any starship with sensors sharp enough to find you. A Message to Spacers broadcasts automatically, warning travelers to be cautious of rogue meteor fragments. You can see that the system has seven planets, many of which are ringed by fragments from a large asteroid belt between the second and third planets. Centares and Nizon sit within asteroids, too, but they’re also cloaked by dust clouds. There’s a lot of rock in nearby space.

The Centares System

  1. gas giant
  2. toxic ocean
    asteroid belt
  3. Centares
  4. gas giant
  5. Nizon
  6. barren
  7. gas giant

Fragments from the asteroid belt have spread throughout the system, such that several worlds are surrounded by asteroid rings and clouds of dust and debris. The clouds are thickest as they reach the upper atmosphere of these worlds, wreathing them in dirty halos.

Victory ii class star destroyer
All of your ship’s warning and collision vector alarms go off at once, and it’s easy to see why. Between you and Nizon, emerging from the dust cloud that surrounds the world, is a Star Destroyer! It’s older, and smaller model than the Empire’s new Imperial class the , but it’s still a fully functional capital ship Eaw alpha3 v wing Having just escorted a GR-45 Medium Transport ship out of Nizon’s orbit, the Star Destroyer turns and heads directly toward you, increasing speed. The Imperial ship make no effort to communicate with you. A moment later, an escort of four V-wing fighters emerges from the dust. It’s clear from their erratic movements that they are receiving specific telemetry advice. The transport goes to lightspeed.

Gek suggests over the com that we all out fly towards the asteroid field, but in a way that takes us away from the Star Destroyer (Victory Class II from the picture’s description)taking shots at any V Wings that catch up to us.

Talina says “Do you know the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field?”

Gek’s protocol droid 7A blurts 3,720 to … 1

Gek wonders out loud about the transport, what were the likely coordinates of their jump? isn’t that the same type of slave ship from be spin you talked about? I hate slavers! What does it mean that the v-wings are receiving telemetry, can we tap into a telemetry signal? Would that help us target them if they follow us into the asteroid field?

Bolo revs the sublights, plotting a diagonal angle toward the asteroid field, blasting quad lasers at the closest V-Wing. It rolls hard to evade, but the shot penetrates the shield and wreaks havoc.

Kayle says into his headset “Here we go! Stay frosty everyone!”
He hits a couple of switches and the gun boom comes alive with a resounding electrical hum. He grabs the quad handle and places the next closest v-wing in the middle of the crosshair reticule. Kayle fires! Kayle catches it with a clean shot, overloading its shields. It is heavily damaged.

“Why are those v wings getting telemetry? Could they be drones?” They are weaving within the dust cloud

Talina fires an ion cannon (rolls a 1) and misses.

Gek yells, I got a clear shot, the 3p0 unit 7a translates immediately in a raspy tortured modulated voice and shoots the damaged vwing near the asteroid field. Gek fires a clean shot with ion quads. Whorls of blue energy snap and wrap around the ship.

The two damaged V-Wings close the gap and try to pin the Apogee into a dogfight, but Bolo evades. The other two race along the edge of the dustcloud in an intercept course, one of them driving it’s engines beyond maximum. They take a couple shots. One of them hits hardCentares system fight rd1d

The Star Destroyer comes about and moves parallel, skimming the outside of the dust cloud with its bladelike flank, leaving roiling wake in the cloud. Your canopy lights up as it opens fire with all batteries on your ship, heavy turbolasters, double turbolasers, heavy ion cannons and a tractor. Though space around you fills with destructive energy, the massive weapons all miss on their first barrages.

Bolo says “take your shots and I’ll fly through their debris!” Bolo delays his action until all have fired, then will fire and then move. This way all are at point blank range vs v-wings and maybe both will be taken out before he moves into the dust cloud

R3D0 boosting his movement if needed, if not will recharge shields if needed. Emkay Pilot Droid will assist on his piloting evading shots from the star destroyer again

Kayle swings the gunpod and lines up another shot at the next closest ugly and uses his first manuever. reaction – explosive shot.

Kayle uses a force point making the explosive shot even more deadly.

The group destroyed 6 V-Wings and Bolo showed what he was made of, needling through the asteroid field (he was a leaf on the wind, watch him soar).

Bolo hid the ship in the back of a cave 2 days from town.

Ship is hidden in The Badlands, two days from The City.
As the group treked through the dusty desert wastes, cloaked in blowing sands, they were attacked by a deadly blade scorpion, which tried to ensare them in a sticky web. They defeated it and carried on.

As the group drew closer to The City, they found several massive statues of Nazren figures, partly buried in the sand.

The City
Minas tirith
The only city on the planet, it is built on a flat, rocky region between a large mountain and rough badlands of valleys and hills. There is construction on the mountain overlooking the city, but from here it’s impossible to tell exactly what’s being built.

Starship traffic is regular enough to suggest the presence of more than just Imperial forces and the local population. A few small freighters, manufactured by numerous different companies, are landing or taking off from the mountain plateau port.

The city is situated on the leeward side of Mount Antas, blunting the violent sandstorms that scour the region. It is built into the side of a long extinct circular volcano, rising in elevated circular rings with stone walls at the exterior and coincentric rings, and bisected by a very tall spire that juts from the mountain like prow of a ship. It looks like a very tall bluff, cutting halfway through the circular mountain (think Minas Tirith). Prominent statues of Nazren figures are built into its walls and architecture, and every stone is covered in weathered runes. This is a sacred location and scattered Nazren pilgrilm caravans surround the city, sadly walking toward it.

Approaching the main gate and checkpoint encampments and shanties, the group spotted a crab droid and a holoboard displaying a scene of a firefight in which a large Nazren named Sartok attacked another Nazren shaman, and was stunned by heavy troopers. The recorded holo then switches to an armoured Zabrak, introducing himself as Vril Vrakth, assuring the populace that the traitor Sartok has been apprehended.

At the gate, the heroes intercepted a squad of heavy troopers at they attempted to shoot a Nazren mother. Defeating the squad, they infiltrated the city before reinforcements arrived and hid in a safehouse. , where they lnked up with the resistance council, which was meeting during the alert. The Nazren woman explained that she was the sister of Content Not Found: character-or-item-slug and that she did not believe that he would have tried to kill Krusk intentionally.

An informal leadership meeting takes place in which another Nazren named Tobruk is critical of Sartok and his rebels. It is revealed that Sartok is being held because his first revenge raid failed – it was a trap. After somehow escaping slavery he and the strongest of his people infiltrated their way to Martyr’s Square, where they were captured and are scheduled for execution. Tobruk felt that Sartok was killing out of anger at the shaman, for facilitating the enslavement of their people, and that this was against their ways within the Martyr’s city. The heroes convinced Tobruk that they should break Sartok from the detention center and hear his side of it.

What was learned at the council
There is no way to clear a path through the dust shrouded debris field.
Capital ships cannot pass the debris field, though they can hide in the dust cloud.
Freighters and starfighters can navigate the field, but need coordinates to do it safely.
Ground control can provide coordinates for a safe path but this does not come from a computer program

The safe path is provided by Krusk, who Force Sensitive, who can feel the paths to take. They have an observatory on Mt Antas and have studied the fields for centuries. The head shaman can predict the movements of the field. The imperials had taken the other members of the shaman’s family and would punish them if he did not use his power to guide their freighters and fighters through the debris field safely.

Currently the Imperials have the Head Shaman captive and are forcing him to provide their ships safe passage. If he does not comply, the Imperials kill 10 Nazren for every 1 Imperial that dies as a result of his non compliance.

The heroes realize that the rebellion has stalled with the capture and disgrace of Sartok. They break him out of the outdoor detention center along with the bulk of his freedom fighters. A council is convened, where it is revealed that Krusk begged Sartok to kill him so that he could not be used as a tool of his people’s enslavement. He also explains that the orbital guns at Mount Almas are almost complete.

“My world is enslaved, and we have come to realize that no
negotiation or appeal to reason can free us. The only way we shall
regain control of Nizon is to take it back by force, which requires us
to face the weapons and training of the Empire. That battle must
begin here—all other settlements look to us for inspiration and
leadership. For the sake of our world, we must take up arms against
our oppressors.

“The cost shall be high for my people, but they are eager to pay
it. The cost for remaining slaves would be higher, and it would be
paid by our children and our children’s children. If you will help us,
we are ready to throw off the yoke of tyranny, even if we lose our
lives. Liberty is too precious to sell for the chance of quieter, safer
lives under the dark shadow of oppression.

“I have allies throughout the city who are ready to raise arms
against the Empire at my signal. We are not a warlike people, but
the stormtroopers have shown us the basics of violence, and we
have learned the lesson well. Against soldiers, I have no doubt that
my people would fight bravely with a fair chance at victory. But the
Imperial forces have vehicles—large, metal, two-legged machines of
war—that we cannot face. My people fear these machines, and
though many would still fight bravely, too many would wait to see if
we could topple them. Such an attack would be staggered and lose
too much of its impact. Only if many of us take up arms at once can
we overthrow our oppressors.

“But you are outsiders, and to be standing here, you must have
opposed the Empire’s machines successfully. Many of my less
confident allies believe that with your aid, even the walking war
machines could not stop us. This would give them the confidence to
bring enough forces to bear at once. If we can take control of the
planetary shields and turbolasers that they have nearly finished
building on Mount Antas, we can complete those structures
ourselves and use them to defend against further Imperial attack.
The first step in such an attack is a citywide riot, which I am
prepared to trigger.

“I know this world is not yours, that our people are not your
people. But if you will aid us, you will always have a place of honor
_among the Nazren.”

As the riots begin, the heroes push inward, breaching the first Imperial checkpoint, defended by Imperials and walkers. They manage to demolish the Imperial communications tower at the checkpoint, delaying aerial reinforcements from orbit.

The heroes take on a set of heavy troopers who are spotting for heavy cannons on Mount Antas, which are bombarding a residential area and chokc point. As the heroes run by a
building, it takes a hit and begins to collapse. Fire breaks out in the
lower floors, and numerous young Nazren are trapped within the
structure. The heroes mount a desperate rescue of the children while under fire from squads of heavy troopers. They capture a code cylindar from the captain — an access Code to the Martyr’s Plaza Observatory.

A female Nazren healer compels them to take cover in an underground bunker, where she provides medical aid, and directs them to help lift and assemble a rooftop anti-aircraft gun, while being attacked by more crab droids mounted with holos of the bounty hunter Vril Vrakth (who seems to be tracking your progress). She is killed when several crab droids (playing Vril Vrakth’s recording) tunnel through the wall and attack. Bolo assembles the big gun on the roof while the rest of the heroes fight the droids, and it is used to shoot down the existing local air support – V-wing that is barrelling down on their location.

Dawn of Defiance
First to Strike
April 5, 2014

A slight re-do of the end of last game… let’s call it an alternate universe… If Abrams can do it with Star Trek so can we.

While fighting in the Nazren War of Independence the rebels find themselves fighting in a basement. Three Crab droids come through the walls from two diections!

Kayle blasts one and Gek swings mightily with his axe, chopping off a leg. The crab droid braces its broken claw and attacks back at Gek. The other crab droid looks toward Talina but it’s attention gets drawn away by ceiling pieces falling on it. It changes its mind about attacking Talina to avoid being crushed by the broken ceiling. Bolo has two blasters blaring and Talina’s lightsaber flashes causing a lot damage to the droids.

Kayle again hits with his blaster and Gek charges, scoring a massive hit (41pts!) but the crab droid is still functional. It grapples with Gek who has no chance against the metal monstrosity. Another hits Bolo, while the third misses Talina. Bolo’s eyes and reflexes are sharp… He scores a hit on the droid attacking him and blows it to pieces, then affects the condition of the one on Talina and finally with an incredibly well aimed shot takes out the one grappling Gek (nat 20)! They finish off the last droid, noticing the insignia of the bounty hunter, Vril Vrakth, on all three.

An old female Nazren healer, Yurka, (who died in the alternate universe but not this one!) takes care of Gek’s wounds. Sartok shows the rebels a cache of anti-aircraft weapons. They take the pieces and assemble it up on the roof top. Talina is shooting and takes down a V-Wing.

While on the roof they notice a Black Slaver Ship coming in and decide that it must be taken care of. Sartok is contacted on his commlink… he hears a lot of shouting in Nazren and shooting and explosions. It’s coming from Martyr’s Square.

The rebels have to negotiate some rough terrain and power conduits but ultimately manage to climb down from the roof and make their way to the Slaver ship where they see through clouds of smoke, Nazren being taken onto the ship. Their captors are not being gentle.

Gek is on the move through the smoke and swings his axe at the first slaver he comes to, taking his head clean off! Kayle adds to the chaos and smoke cover by throwing a grenade injuring several slavers. Bolo is shooting and missing. Talina summons the Force and Slams it towards the slavers, knocking some of them prone. The evil slavers that were knocked down stand up and start firing. Talina is missed, and Gek has 6 shots aimed at him and although only one hits the mark it is a doozey (20pts)!

Gek’s axe finds some revenge. Kayle lines up his Dead-Eye shot on the Tradoshian (Nashta) causing a smoking blaster wound (24pts)! Bolo thinks his shot is going to go wide but he can be lucky sometimes (Lucky Shot) and scores a hit. Talina knocks some slavers prone again with another Force Slam. Kayle is hit while the other slavers all miss! Talina perceives that something is hiding in the smoke… but too late! Nashta come flying up out of the smoke and attacks Talina with his many legs… 7 attacks, one misses, one is blocked but the rest hit!

Gek helps his Jedi friend, lopping with his axe. And Kayle finishes the job… Nashta is down but there are still lots of slavers. Bolo misses. Talina Force Slams the slavers nearest the ship. Other slavers fire at the Jedi.

Gek sends his axe slashing down on a prone slaver and again Kayle finishes him off. Bolo… pew! pew! Talina uses Battle Strike. The bad guys are converging on the ship’s ramp, aiding each other with their attacks on Talina and Gek. One goes hand-to-hand with Gek, scoring a nasty punch (nat 20).

Gek uses his acrobatics skill to close and engage with the slavers on the ramp. Kayle injures three slavers and takes one out with a grenade. Bolo releases the fuel line from the ship… sabotage. Talina attacks with Saber Swarm but doesn’t bring the slaver down. The remaining slavers reposition themselves to attack Gek and Talina. Gek gets hit (18pts!) and Talina is missed.

Gek expertly swings his axe and a slaver loses his head (crit). Kayle takes down another with his blaster. The sound of a V-Wing going down can be heard… there is fighting all over the city. Bolo takes down the last two slavers with two nice shots (Rapid Fire). Moving onto the ship they smell a nasty odour… slave pens.

The slaves are freed. Kayle administers a Medpak to Talina and Yurka also heals her. A commlink code is obtained to allow access to Martyr’s Square. Sartok feels that something must be done to keep up the momentum. He has 6 squads of Narzren fighters to aid in the attack of Martyr’s Square. He suggests splitting the forces… one to be a distraction, and perhaps die to give the real force a chance to hit the Imperial base in the Square.

Bolo gives a rousing speech, singing the praises of the brave Nazren people. Sartok gives him a bone-crunching hug.

Martyr’s Square consists of a stone dome carved with the history of the Nazren. There are three 50’ tall statues of Nazren heroes. There also are 3 Imperial turrets tracking among the statues, two scout walkers and a bunch of stormtroopers. The rebels think maybe the statues could be used to take out the turrets it they can make them fall on them.

The Nazren squads create a distraction which lures away one of the scout walkers.

Surprise!!! Gek, using his jetpack flys up and lands on top of the remaining walker! Bolo moves and throws a grenade at the base of one of the turrets but trips and falls prone. Talina Surges in, jumps high and clings to the underside of the walker. Kayle moves in and takes cover by a statue. The Stormtroopers blanket the rebels with blaster fire. The scout walker takes aim at the prone Bolo…. it seems sure to hit! However, Bolo feels it is not his Destiny to be killed here (uses a Destiny point to avoid being hit for 56pts) and somehow manages to dodge out of the way, although he does take damage from falling rocks. The walker can’t manage to shake off Gek and Talina.

Gek manages to hold onto the walker while he slams his lightsaber into its hide and begins burning through. Bolo moves over to a statue to try to discern where to hit it to make it fall on a turret. Talina realizes she has no purchase to try to burn through the underside of the scout walker so she drops and moves behind a turret. The stormtroopers hold… aiding? Kayle tosses a grenade amongst the troopers! This gets the AT-ST’s attention and it targets the statue Kalye is using for cover… Uh-oh a critical hit from the blaster cannons on Kayle (64pts)? Nope… what do we say to death? Not today… with the help from another Destiny Point. The turrets miss Talina.

Gek’s lightsaber burns through the scout walker and he manages to kill one of the two pilots on his way in. Bolo tosses a grenade at the stormtrooper squad and takes one out. Talina targets the gunner in a turret with a Force Stun and fully calls upon the force to overload his senses (force point to move him further down the condition track). Kayle tosses a grenade at the troopers doing lots of damage but none fall. The pilot inside the AT-ST is trying to deal with Gek. The turrets target the walker, not wanting it to be under rebel control. The gunner that Talina Force Stunned misses but the other two hit the walker (34pts).

Gek uses his axe on the walker control panel and flys out of the hole he created as it falls in a spray of sparks and smoke. Bolo finds himself looking at a doorway in the dome. Kayle opens the doorway and they all can hear the other scout walker returning, and over an open commlink a slightly panicked voice saying “The rebels have breached the perimeter! The rebels have breached the perimeter!”

it doesn’t mention that we got rid of all the stormtroopers???—-

First to Strike
May the Fourth, 2014
Boss Battle

As the heroes enter the control centre they see it has been nuked… probably by a thermal detonator. The computer with the Sarlaac Project data destroyed. They also see Vril Vrakth standing in one of two turbolifts. He’s holding a hard drive and he asks, “Is this what you’re looking for?” The turbolift’s doors slide shut and he is gone.

There is no other way up but the other turbolift. Up they go.

The lift opens to a landing pad and the rebel heroes emerge… (camera goes slo-mo), they are armed and dangerous… smoke billows behind them and their capes swirl in the wind.

They notice that the shield generator is incomplete but their attention is mainly focussed on the bounty hunter. Vrakth is standing on the ramp of his fighter, the hard drive in this hand, “Is this what you want? Is this what the inquiry to the Alderaan University was for? Then come get it from me.” Six crab droids then climb onto the landing pad. “You’ve gotta be kidding,” they all steel for the battle. Talina activates Damage Reduction.

Bolo blasts at Crab Droid 1… two hits send sparks flying (54pts). Gek jetpacks in to engage Vrakth but misses even with Desperate Gambit. Kayle shoots at the droid that Bolo already brutally damaged. He has a solid hit (21pts) and the thing is still going. Vrakth (using Desperate Gambit) is Aiming up on Gek, who misses an Opportunity Attack. Gek does however, notice Vrakth glance to the cockpit. Following the gaze he notices a droid control there (Perception). Talina Surges, jumping some difficult terrain and charges Vrakth. Her attack leaves her open and the bounty hunter kicks her in the chest, sending her lightsaber twirling up in the air (V used a force point). As her lightsaber falls, Talina reaches up and grabs it then brings it down on Vrakth (37pts). Two crab droids (#5,6) converge on Gek and Talina. #6 misses and #5 tries to grapple Gek but no dice!!! CD 1&3 move in on Bolo but also miss. CD 4 charges Kayle as CD2 moves to flank. CD 4 grapples Kayle and crushes him (22pts). CD2 also grapples the mercenary further crushing him (17pts!!!!) Kayle is in trouble!

Bolo, a blaster in each hand, shoots at CD3, hitting a relay that sends sparks arcing through it (crit for 66pts)! The other blasts again at CD1 finally taking the droid down (14pts). Gek Tumbles into the cockpit, grabs the droid control and changes CD4’s target from Kayle to Vril. Kayle manages to muscle his way out of CD2’s grasp (natural 20 vs GM’s 6). Vrakth aims at Talina, provoking attacks from her and Gek. Gek scores a massive hit (crit 74pts) but the bounty hunter doesn’t seem as hurt as he should (1/2 damage). Talina also hits and draws upon the Force to make it really hurt (27pts with Force Point). Vril’s attack looks like it should miss Talina but he then draws on the force to make it hit (force point). Talina is injured (24pts), impeded (Condition Track) and knocked prone. Talina flips back up in style (Acrobatics) but misses with her Force Stun even with a Force Point. CD4 moves to engage Vrakth. CD3 withdraws then flanks Bolo, only to miss. Vril shouts at CD6 who then shuts the cockpit, trapping Gek inside, and moves to stand on top of the cockpit. CD2 moves and grapples Bolo, but Bolo again decides this is not where he meets his end and somehow manages to avoid the attack (Destiny Point). CD5 misses Talina.

Bolo, feeling good from his near miss sends two blaster bolts flying… one at CD2 and the other at CD3. Two perfect shots!!!! (2 natural 20’s!!! May the Fourth, baby!) CD3 goes down in a shower of sparks and CD2 takes massive damage (48 pts). Gek, trapped in the cockpit uses the control to set CD 5&6 on Vrakth. Kayle takes a bead on Vrakth, takes a deep breath and calls on everything he’d say he doesn’t believe in… (Destiny Point for a crit). The blaster bolt hits the bounty hunter square in the forehead and blows him back (64pts). The hard drive flies out of his dead hand and skitters to the edge of the landing pad! Gek programs a CD to grab the drive and commands the others to stand down. Looking at the bounty hunter’s dead body they see a thermal detonator clenched in his cooling hand.

The image of a Trandoshan appears on the comm of Vrakth’s ship. “Vril!” he snarls. "You have killed my master.

“Yes, we have. The Jedi aren’t done. And look what we have…” as she brandishes the hard drive.

“I will avenge you, master,” says the Trandoshan. “I am Voorsk, and from this day forth, you are nothing more than my prey”.

Kayle pockets the thermal detonator.

The Nazren are free again and there is a big celebration. They plan to use the Imperial tech that is still intact to protect themselves. They also plan to add statues in Martyr’s Square… statues of the rebel heroes that helped them win their freedom. Sartok tells of his plans to create a council and gives the rebels a message to give to Bael Organa. The Nazren will aid the Rebellion in whatever way they can.

The drive with the Sarlaac Project data is damaged but Bolo spends some time trying to recover whatever he can. He does get a little… the Sarlaac Project is massive and in the deep core. It is somehow tied to Coruscant. It seems like the city planet is their next stop.

When the rebel leave they keep 2 crab droids and leave two for the Nazren.

Destiny Points? None.

The First to Strike

Dawn of Defiance Nefandus