(8 Jedi/2 Jedi Knight)
Human, Female; Age 20; Height/Weight 5’6"/120 lbs; Destiny Rescue; Language Basic
Speed 20; Initiative 7; Base Attack 10; Force Points 11; Destiny Points 4
HP: 80+1d10+2
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 14
Defenses: Fort 23, Ref 25, Will 25
Trained Skills: Acrobatics 13, Perception 15, Use the Force 17
Feats: Force Sensitivity, Force Boon, Force Training x4, Improved Damage Threshold, Skill Focus (UTF), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Lightsaber), Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Lightsaber)
Talents: Force Focus, Damage Reduction 10, Deflect, Block, Ataru Lightsaber Form
Force Powers: Battle Strike, Force Slam x3, Force Stun, Mind Trick, Negate Energy x2, Rebuke, Sever the Force, Surge, Vital Transfer x2, Hawk Bat Swoop (JATM pg 31), Saber Swarm (JATM pg 34), Crucitorn (JATM pg 24)
Force Techniques: Force Point Recovery
Weapons: Long-Handle Lightsaber (JATM p53) 13/2d8+13 (crit x2) Self-made green lightsaber with Sigil Crystal (2 Force bonus to damage) and modified by Bolo (5 damage)

Rescue (revised)
1. Rescue Admiral Varth (1).
2. Take part in awakening Master Denia from her forced coma (2).
3. Help keep the Shackles of Nizon from being destroyed by the Tibanna gas hauler (3).
4. Bring the Holocron back to Master Denia (4 – new, as of Echoes of the Jedi).



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