Mazur Kang

Mazur is Magnificient! Melee Specialist


star_wars_Zygerrian_2.jpgName: Mazur Kang (Kang the Magnificent!)
Player: Rick
Race: Zygerian
Melee Specialist

S 17 +3
D 16 +3
C 15 +2
I 14 +2
W 6 -2
Ch 14 +2

Acrobatics 13
Deception 13 (*at 4th from Intelligence increase)
Initiative 13
Perception 14 (Superior Helmet Package)
Persuasion 13
Use the Force 13

Attack: Modernized Miniaturized Mythosaur Axe (Size Medium) with Neutronium Edge
14-20 (11 bab 3 Str +2 prime target +4 Charge)
Damage: Modernized Miniaturized Mythosaur Axe (Size Medium) with Neutronium Edge
18-24 (6 Strength +6 Level (12 Lvl Charging)
+1 Melee Smash +5 Superior Dmg)

R 30 10 Base 12 Lvl +3 Dex +1 MA1 +4 Class
F 35(40)10 Base +12 Lvl +2 Con +7 armor +4 Class
W 35 10 Base +12 Lvl +2 Cha(Force OF Pers)
7 armor(Grand Army)2 Class2 Race

HP 112+D10
DR 2
Force Points 11
Destiny Points 2

1 Scoundrel 1 T: Dastardly Strike (-1 condition track on successful attack to flat
footed or denied dex to reflex opponents)
Class Feat: Point Blank Shot (1 attack and damage rolls with ranged
weapons at point blank range)
Class Feat: Pistol/Simple Weapon Proficiencies
Race: Force OF Personality (Use Charisma instead of Wisdom to Calculate
Will Defense)
Race: Martial Arts I (
die step on unarmed attacks, 1 Ref Def)
Race: Iron Will (
2 Will Defense)
1st Level Feat: Force Sensitivity
2 Soldier T: Melee Smash (
1 damage with Melee Attacks)
Class Feat: Light Armor Proficiency
3 Soldier 2 F: Advanced Melee Proficiency
3rd Level Feat: Grand Army of the Republic (add equipment bonus to Will Def)
4 Soldier 3 T: Stunning Strike (additional -1 condition track if you exceed damage
5 Soldier 4 F: Medium Armor Proficiency
6 Soldier 5 T: Ambush Specialist (swift: choose a prime target, +2 to hit for the
+6th Level Feat: Bantha Rush (move an opponent 1 square in any direction
after a successful melee attack)
7 Soldier 6 F: Trip (If you succeed on a grapple check, opponent falls prone in
its space and is no longer grappled)
8 ET 1: Imp Stunning Strike (when you move an opponent down the condition track
they cannot take a standard/full round action next turn)
9 Jedi 1 T: Attune Armor (
2 to Reflex Defense & 1 Max Dexterity of Armor)
Class Feat: Light Saber Proficiency
+9th Level Feat: Battering Attack (knock a target prone when moving them
with Bantha Rush)
10 Jedi Knight 1 T: Armored Defense (either Armor Reflex/Character Level for Ref Def)
11 Scoundrel 2 F: Desperate Gambit (Reroll a missed attack, -2 Ref Def for
rerolling, -5 Ref Def if rerolling a natural ‘1’)
12 Scoundrel 3 T: Fool’s Luck (Force Point as a Standard Action either +1 to all
attack rolls or +1 to all defenses or +5 to all skill checks for
the remainder of the encounter
+12th Level Feat: Powerful Charge (
4 total to hit while charging -2 Reflex
Defense, full heroic level damage instead of half)

13 Soldier 7 T: Keep them Reeling (swift: opposed initiative rolls, if mine is
greater, target is flat footed)
14 Scout 1 T: Evasion (1/2 Damage from area attack that hits, no damage if missed)
15 Jedi Knight 2 Force Technique: Force Point Recovery
15th Level Feat: Improved Damage Threshold (5 to Fort Defense to
calculate Damage Threshold)
16 Jedi Knight 3 T: Improved Armor Defense (1/2 Armor Reflex added to Ref Def)
17 Soldier 8 F: Power Attack (-to attack = x2 + to damage with two handed weapon)
18 Crime Lord 1 T: Equilibrium
18th Level Feat: Improved Defenses (1 to all defenses)
19 Soldier 9 T: Keep it Going (may choose another prime target once initial prime
target is at 0 hp)
20 Gladiator 1 T: Exotic Weapons Master

R 46(41ff)-2 if charging (10+20Lvl+5Armor+4Dex+4Class+1MA+1ImpDef+1Fate)
F 46(50 Damage Threshold) (10+20Lvl+7Armor+3Con+4Class+1ImpDef+1Fate)
W 47 (10+20Lvl+7Armor+2Cha(FOP)+4Class+1ImpDef+1Fate+2LightSaberCrystal)

29 To Hit (BAB174Str+2PrimeTarget+4Charge+2SuperiorAttackMod)
2d12+19-29 Damage(Power Attack -1 to hit=2 damage two handed) (8Str+20Charge+1MeleeSmash)

Appearance Modified Attuned Light Rad Armor Massassi Manufacture Prototype with Cortosis Weave, Mandalorian Iron (1 Fort), Superior Fortifying and Protective Attuned Armor 10/6/4 with Integrated concealed (DC 25 to notice) Weapon Mount (mounted Modernized Mythosaur Axe)
Echani Mythosaur Axe with Neutronium Edge and Superior Damage Modification, Cortosis Weave (Kotor)
Helmet with Darkvision and Superior Helmet Package
Thinsuit Reinforced Armor DR 2

Hushabout Jetpack
Echani VibroRapier with Neutronium Edge and Superior Dmg, Cortosis(Kotor)


Mazur Kang as a bit of a rogue. He is a bit full of himself, but less than he once was. He still doesnt accept responsibility for some of his mistakes.
He stsrted off wanted to be an actor or a lead singer in a band. He once was in a holovid that was semi popular on the underground Independent Droid Network.
When the war started he joined the Republic Grand Army as a recruiter but eventually got sent to the front near the end for disparaging remarks to a nobles son about lack of bravery.
He did well and got along well with Jedi Knight Odom Cadarr (always good to be friends with the boss) and was fighting with him when Order 66 came. He ‘had a bad feeling’ and assisted the Jedi Knight to escape though the other Jedit Master there died.
He was recognized as Force Sensitive by Odom Cadarr who then trained him, briefly, trying to cram in as much training in a short time without Mazur going to the dark side. Odom Cadarr stressed only defensive techniques for this reason. He wanted to pass on whatever Jedi knowledge he could as so many had perished. This was why he was even willing to try to train Mazur.
Before long the Jedi Knight was hunted down by the Inquisitors. Mazur felt his masters death and went into hiding.
He bounced around the galaxy a bit before ending up with the burgeoning rebellion. Right now he’s not sure what his goals are but he hates the Empire and feels that he must fight for his freedom or be killed or enslaved. Coming from a slaver race that is not an option he wishes to experience.

Mazur Kang

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