Q: Under “Dogfight” one of the consequences is that you must select the Dogfight action each turn. However, there is no Dogfight action specifically listed. What exactly can you do in a dogfight in a dogfight and in what order?

A: The Dogfight action is listed. It’s a standard action, and you have to follow the attacking rules while engaged in a dogfight.

Q: When establishing a dogfight you make an opposed roll, if you succeed you are now dogfighting. Do you:
1.Then make an attack as a free action.
2.Make another opposed check without a penalty to see if you can attack.
3.Do nothing as you’ve already taken an action and therefore give the foe first attempt at an attack.

A: 3. You can try to attack on a later action, but the benefit of this initial “begin a dogfight” standard action is that the other fighter can’t just fly by uninhibited. (Yes, this does mean the other pilot will have the first chance to attack, assuming he wants to — he may just try to disengage because he has other things to do.)

Q: When dogfighting, can you Fight Defensively or take total defense?

A: No. Those are only meant for stand-off attacks, not while engaged in a dogfight. (When you think about it, the opposed Pilot checks to prevent an opponent from attacking are the conceptual equivalent of fighting defensively, and disengaging is the conceptual equivalent to total defense.)

Q: If two TIEs are dogfighting an X-Wing can one use aid another for attacks, skill checks and the like?

A: Yes, but the aid another attempt can only help the Pilot check or the following attack roll, not both — and you have to decide which you’re assisting before the aided pilot makes his roll(s). See also the rules on Fighter Groups in Starships of the Galaxy.

Q: Since Disengaging a Dogfight is a move action, are you still required to take the Dogfight Standard action as well?

A: No. You only have to spend a standard action when initiating a dogfight or trying to attack a target.


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