Allies and Favours

Alderaanian Resistance

The Alderaanian Resistance is a fledgling organization created in secret by Senator Bail Organa at the start of the Dark Times. The Alderaanian Resistance is not particularly widespread, nor well equipped. Members of the Alderaanian Resistance are often simply called “Rebels”. The Rebels oppose the Empire at every turn, and will take action against it whenever they can inflict damage without exposing themselves too severely. They are no match for the Empire in strength, and rely on guerilla tactics and espionage to achieve their goals. Being vastly outmanned and outgunned, the Rebels boost their morale by taking reassurance from their visible, heroic, “poster-boy” members. Such members are highly regarded and are valuable members of the organization. Rebel recruits find new strength within themselves to better serve their “heroes”.

The Rebels also strive for the revival of the Jedi Order. Force-sensitive beings without Dark Side points are held in high regard.

The Rebels are always looking for effective agents and officers. Soldiers, Officers, Infiltrators, and Saboteurs are at a premium.

The Rebels value each member of the organization, and place a high priority on teamwork. Members are taught self-reliance early on in their training, but they are also taught to work together whenever possible, for the greater good of the Rebellion.

Type: Paramilitary

Enemies and Allies: The greatest enemy of the Alderaanian Resistance is the Empire. The Rebels might also attack criminal organizations in order to obtain needed resources, or to indirectly hurt the Empire, but the Empire is always the Alderaanian Resistance’s main focus.

Scale: 12 (Multiple systems)

Organization Score Criteria:

Positive Criteria Organization Score Modifier

Experience: +1/2 char. level
Has Base Attack Bonus +5 or higher: +1
Is Force Sensitive: +1
Has levels in the Soldier class: +1
Has levels in the Jedi Knight prestige class: +1
Has levels in the Officer prestige class: +1
Has levels in the Infiltrator prestige class: +1
Has levels in the Saboteur prestige class: +1
Defeats major Imperial opponent: +1/4 enemy CL (Inquisitor Draco, CL10 = +2)
Destroys major Imperial supplies/installation: +1 per 100,000 value (max +3) (Felucia Research Center, Bespin Tibanna Gas Hauler)
Obtains supplies/weapons for use by the Alderaanian Resistance: +1 per 10,000 value (max +5)
Prevents the death or capture of another Rebel: +1 (Admiral Varth, Jedia Master Denia, Jedi Master Viin Thorla)
Completes a mission for the Alderaanian Resistance: +1 (4 missions complete)
Participates in liberation of an Imperial planet: +2

Negative Criteria Organization Score Modifier

Disobeys a command from a superior officer: -1
Fails to complete a mission for the Alderaanian Resistance: -1
Intentionally harms, or allows harm to come to, another Rebel: -2
Known to be an ally, informant, or agent of the Empire: -5
Provides information about the Alderaanian Resistance to another organization: -5
Reviled: – 1/4 Dark Side Score

Titles, Benefits, and Duties:

Score 4 – 6 Trooper
Troopers are trained to work together whenever possible. They gain a +2 bonus on all attempts to Aid Another Rebel.

Score 7 – 11 Sergeant
An honorific that conveys no additional mechanical benefit.

Score 12 – 16 Lieutenant
Those who demonstrate the ability to lead are granted the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenants have learned to identify standard Imperial tactics, and use this information to keep themselves and their troops alive in combat. As a swift action, Lieutenants may grant themselves and all allies within 6 squares a +1 insight bonus to Reflex defense against Imperial opponents for the duration of the encounter. All such allies must be able to hear and understand the Lieutenant to receive this bonus, and must remain within 6 squares of the Lieutenant to retain this benefit.

Score 17-20, Captain
An honorific that conveys no additional mechanical benefit.

Score 21-30, Commander
Commanders are given broad objectives, and the details are left for them to figure out on their own. As such, commanders have access to more personnel and equipment, and can use them in whatever ways they see fit. While within the Rebel Militia’s area of influence, Commanders have access to an expert technician with the Tech Specialist feat and Starship Designer feat (mechanics +17), and do not pay licensing fees for licensed, restricted, or military equipment. Commanders also only pay what the Tech Specialist would pay for any of his modifications (they don’t pay any additional fees normally associated with hiring a Tech Specialist to perform a modification for them).

Score 31 or higher, General
Among the highest ranking members of the organization, Generals make decisions that affect the Rebel Militia as a whole. They are responsible for the continued existence and efficiency of the organization. Once per encounter, as a swift action, a General can grant a number of allies equal to his Charisma modifier (minimum 1) the Rapport feat for the duration of the encounter. All such allies must be within the General’s line of sight to receive this benefit, though they need not remain within line of sight to retain this benefit.

Allies and Favours

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