Magic Helmet


Everyone has Helmet with a Helmet Package
includes Dark Vision, 5 equipment bonus on Perception checks, hands free Comlink (Core 134) with Encryption (10 DC to decode comlink transmissions, Video and integrated Pocket Scrambler (Core 134 see below) total DC 40 Use Computer check to break encryption and scrambling, Visual Amplification (Core 136 as Electrobinoculars -1 per 10 squares to perception checks instead of -5) Three Phase Sonic Filtering (Core 133)Integrated Breath Mask (24 hours/filter/canister – house rule) with a week’s supply of filters/canisters

(total +3.5 kg to helmet weight (varies) +7 kg for extra filters/ canisters)

Talina’s ‘Helmet’ is in the form of a Mask much like Plo Koon or Darth Revan that can be put on when needed

Bolo’s ‘Helmet’ may be in the shape of a Gunslinger Hat with visor or goggles and a breath mask, sort of like Embo or Cad Bane (not sure if he has decided)
Bolo also has an integrated Computer Interface Visor and Integrated Mechanical Interface Visor & Pilot Interface Visor in his helmet (add +1.5 kg to above total) only one may be active at a time


Following the battle Draco and his Storm Troopers, we liberated the 4 Helmets from his minions which included a helmet package including Darkvision. We have since upgraded for encrypted, scrambled handsfree comlinks and changed their appearances to suit our characters.


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