Maka-Eekai L4000 Transport


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Maka-Eekai L4000 Transport

Author: Bolo


Game System: Star Wars Saga Edition


L4000 Ship build

Maka-Eekai L4000 Transport (Unleashed pg. 120)

Colossal (Treat as a Gargantuan Starfighter for being targeted by Capitol ships and dogfights)
Initiative -2 Senses: Perception +5
Defense: Reflex 15 (flatfooted 12) Fortitude 31 +12 Armor
HP 200 DR 15 SR 55 Threshold 81
Spd Fly 16/6
Cover Total
Base Att 0 Group 41
Attack Options: Autofire
S 52, D16, I 18
Init -2, Mech +5, Perch +5, Pilot -2, Comp +5
Crew 4 (pilot, co-pilot (droid), gunner positions) Passengers 2
Cargo 125 tons Consumables 6 months
HyperDrive x2 (backup x12) navicomp
Availability Licensed; Cost 180 000 new

(2) Quad Ion Canon Medium ,Restricted,4 to hit, 7d10 +5 x2 Ion Damage
(2) Quad Medium Laser Canon, Restricted, +4 to hit, 6d10 +5 x2 Damage
Already Calculated into to hit and damage:
Personalized Controls each gun station +1 to hit(-2 to hit others)
Superior Tech Spec Superior Damage each gun station (
5 damage)

Combat Thrusters (treat vehicle as a gargantuan starship for targeting)
Regenerating Shields (regenerate 10 shields at a time instead of 5)
Slave Circuits Recall (ship is able to fly unmanned to you)
Workshop (satisfies workshop requirements)



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