Jedi Master Denia


Jedi Master Denia

A Jedi Master assigned to Plo Koon’s battle group on Cato Neimoidia. She was engaged in a
pitched battle against the Separatists when a droid starfighter crashed near her, sending her into blackness. When her mind had recovered from the damage done to her body, she found herself unable to awaken or to purge her system of the drugs that were keeping her in a coma. You resuced her from Demos —Darga the Hutt’s major domo, just prior to her being sold to Inquisitor Draco.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if I was thought to have been killed in battle. It’s likely that this . . .Empire doesn’t even know that I exist.”

In her weakened state, Denia instructs you in the ways of The Force. In unguarded moments, you see her try to push back waves of despair at what has happened since she fell in battle.


Jedi Master Denia

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