Gek Fenn

Mandalorian Jensaarai Soldier


Gek Fenn
Mandalorian Jensaari Soldier
Gek Fenn CL 10
Size: Medium Race: Gamorrean Sex: Male
Class: Soldier 7/Scout 2/Jensaari Defender (as Jedi) 1
Destiny: 3 (Discovery) Force: 10 Darkside: 0
Initiative: 11 Senses: Darkvision (in helmet package)
Languages: Gamorrean, Basic (understand only), Dosh (understand only), Mand’oa (understand only)
Defenses: Reflex 30 (29 flat footed) Fort 34 Will 28
Hp: 117 DR 0 SR 0 Damage Threshold 39
Immune Atmospheric & Inhaled Poison Hazards
Speed: 6 Fly: 6 (Jet Pack)
Melee: Arg’garok Axe (Echani Template & Neutronium Reinforcement) 14 (3D1216) with Rapid Strike, critical 18-20, (16 3D1221 with Powerful Charge, 2 to Reflex Defense)
Melee: Great Lightsaber 12 (3D1021/4D10+21 vs Targets with DR) with Rapid Strike (14 3D1026/4D10+26 vs Targets with DR with Powerful Charge, -2 to Reflex Defense)
Base Attack: 9 Grp: +9
Attack Options: Desperate Gambit, Rapid Strike, Melee Smash
Special Actions: Evasion, Shake It Off
Abilities: Str 19/21 (
4/5) Dex 12 (1) Con 14 (2) Int 15 (2) Wis 8 (-1) Cha 8 (-1)
Special Qualities: Darkvision, Great Fortitude, Primitive
Talents: Armoured Defense, Attune Armour, Evasion, Improved Armour Defense, Juggernaut, Melee Smash
Feats: Armour Proficiency (Light, Medium, Heavy), Deft Charge, Desperate Gambit, Force Sensitive, Grand Army of the Republic Training, Improved Damage Threshold, Improved Defenses, Powerful Charge, Rapid Strike, Shake It Off, Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons, Lightsaber, Simple Weapons)
Skills: Acrobatics (T) 11, Athletics 10 (is it 12 if trained in Acrobatics? Seem to remember that), Deception 4, Endurance (T) 12, Gather Info 4, Initiative (T) 11, Knowledge -
[beaurocracy 6, galactic lore 6, social sciences 6, if using ‘7a’], Mechanics — (9*), Perception (T) 14 (includes 5 equipment bonus), Persuasion 4 [12 if using ‘7a’], Pilot 6 (8* default visor is pilot), Ride 6, Stealth 11 (includes 5 equipment bonus), Survival 4, Treat Injury 4, Use Computer 7 (9*), Use The Force (T) 9
Skills note (*) includes 2 equipment bonus from appropriate integrated interface visors, can only use one at a time, default always on is pilot, can use Trained Applications untrained

Arg’garok Axe (KOTC 64, Large Weapon), mounted in armor, two handed weapon, 2d12/2D12 Advanced Weapon) with Echani Manufacture (KOTC 77 Slashing or Piercing Weapons only, add 1 to Critical Range after attack is rolled but before damage is calculated), Cortosis (KOTC 77), and with Neutronium Reinforcement (S+V 43 Critical Hit on a natural 19 or 20) 2 to hit Superior Tech Spec (SV 24); 4 kg (license rating – Military, currently unlicensed)

Orange Rust Coloured Great Lightsaber (Jedi 53) (Self built (Core 40), Large Weapon when ignited, Medium Weapon when mounted in armor) 5 to damage Superior Tech Spec (SV 24), Waterproof Casing (JediAcademy60) 5 kg (license rating Illegal – currently unlicensed)

Heavy Battle Armor (as Venom Assault Armor (LECG 140) (2 Str equipment bonus, 24 hour Vacuum Seal, Zero-G Jets, Powered Armor) (additional upgrade slot added (SV 48-under Device Traits))
Massassi Manufacture (KOTC 77 cancel 1 critical hit to normal hit / encounter),
2 Superior Fortifying Armor (SV 24 2 to equipment bonus of armor),
Stygian Triprismatic Polymer (Rebel 126 +1 Reflex Armor bonus, compatible with Mandalorian Armor, +2 equipment bonus to Stealth checks to avoid detection by electronic sensors)
Mandalorian Iron (Threats 103 +1 Equipment Bonus to Armor)
Magnetic Feet (Core 189) and Hands (Droid 52) +2 Climb checks when used in conjunction with magnetic feet, +5 bonus to defenses against any attempt to knock off the surface to which you are attached, cannot use hands or make attacks with handheld weapons when magnetic hands are attached to a surface
Storage Capacity (S
V 42) can hold multiple items at least 1 size smaller than itself (currently holding: )
4 Concealed Weapon Emplacement (S+V 47) (DC 25 Perception check to notice Weapons when not in use) (Arg’garok Axe (above) (2 Slots), Orange Rust coloured Great Lightsaber (self built-above) (1 slot), 1 slot free)
Helmet package (Core 133 + 140: Miniaturized .5 kg) includes Dark Vision, 5 superior tech spec equipment bonus on Perception checks, hands free Comlink (Core 134) with Encryption (10 DC to decode comlink transmissions, Video and integrated Pocket Scrambler (Core 134 see below) total DC 40 Use Computer check to break encryption and scrambling, Visual Amplification (Core 136 as Electrobinoculars -1 per 10 squares to perception checks instead of -5) Three Phase Sonic Filtering (Core 133)
Integrated Equipment Helmet (5) (S+V 51)
1. Pocket Scrambler (Core 134 Miniaturized .25 kg) base 30 DC to decode comlink transmissions (above)
2. Integrated Computer Interface Visor (KOTC 73 Miniaturized .25 kg) may use trained only Computer Skills untrained 2 equipment bonus
3. Integrated Pilot Interface Visor (KOTC 73 Miniaturized .25 kg) may use trained only Pilot Skills untrained +2 equipment bonus
4. Integrated Mechanical Interface Visor (KOTC 73 Miniaturized .25 kg) may use trained only Mechanical Skills untrained, +2 equipment bonus
5. Breath Mask (Core 136 Miniaturized 1 kg) immunity to inhaled poisons and poisonous atmosphere 1 day duration (house rule)
Integrated Equipment Armor (5) (S
V 51)
1. ‘7a’ Miniaturized Protocol Droid added as a Personal Translator (Unknown 41 .1 kg x10 for full Protocol Droid abilities = 1 kg) with the addition of Protocol Droid skills (Core 198 Translator DC 5, Linguist, Skill Focus (Persuasion) Skill Training Know (Galactic Lore) Skills: Know (Bureaucracy) 6, Know (Galactic Lore) 6, Know (Social Sciences) 6, Persuasion (12); able to provide access to vision through helmet package and 7a has an integral Aural Amplifier for hearing.
Gyro Stabilizer (S+V 46) +5 vs. knockdown stability bonus on checks and all defenses to resist attempts to knock prone
Kama (skirt like protection from flying debris and jet pack blast)
Pauldron (shoulder mount)
(license rating Military, currently unlicensed) 38 kg + 3.5 kg accessories including Helmet Package and Built in Equipment + 9 kg Weapons = 50.5 kg armor and weapons

All Temperature Cloak (Core 138 Miniaturized .75 kg)
Camouflage Poncho (GAW 46 5 Stealth Miniaturized .75 kg)
2 Condensing Canteens (Core 138 referenced in Field Kit (survival) Miniaturized .5 kg each = 1 kg)
Miniaturized Jet Pack (Core 138 and S
V 41 (with an additional upgrade slot added (S+V 48 under Device Traits)) with Extra Power Source (S+V 41) 20 rounds activation before fuel runs outs, takes 2 fuel cells with 10 extra cells for 12 cells total) 15 kg (don’t need a license) only requires a pilot check if you land after 12+ meters of movement in 1 round DC 20, 180 kg lift capacity.
Miniaturized Utility belt (Core 140 2 kg):
3 Days Food Capsules (Core 138)
MedPack (Core 138) +2 Equipment Bonus DC 15 = Lvl in HP +1 HP per point over 15 OR DC 20 = Lvl x Con Bonus in HP, failure means Damage Threshold in Damage)
Toolkit (Core 139) (Electro Shock Probe (to short things out) 1D6 ion; Fusion Cutter 2D4 energy; Hydrospanner; Laser Welder 1D6 energy; Power Calibrator (can act as an emergency energy cell), Power Prybar 1D6 bludgeon; Probe Sensors; Sonic Welder 1D6 energy; Vibro Cutters, Welding Goggles: all weapons are improvised weapons -5 penalty to attack)
Power Pack (Core 139)
Energy Cell (Core 139)
Glow Rod (Beam of Light 6 Squares) (Core 136)
Comlink (Core 134)
Liquid Cable Dispenser (Core 138) with Small Grappling Hook (15 meters (10 squares) Strength 28 support 510 kg, DC 24 strength check to break)
Couple of empty pouches (hold up to .5 kg each)

Mesh Tape (Core 139 .5 kg) 30 meters (20 squares) 5 cm width, Strength 20 to bind, support 90 kg or up to 180 kg for 5 rounds, DC 20 strength check to break
Binder Cuffs (Core 139 .5 kg) Bind 2 Limbs together, DR 10, 20 HP, Strength 40, 7 digit release code, DC 30 strength check to break, DC 25 mechanic check to release without digit code
Page about the Corna Holocron- Darth Rivan “There is no passion, There is only obsession; There is no knowledge, There is only conviction; There is no purpose, There is only will; There is nothing, Only me.”
2 30cm3 Mandalorian Iron boxes

Current Weight Totals: 17.5 Equipment + 50.5 Armor and Weapons = 67.75 kg of Gear: can carry 110.25 kg leaving 42.5 kg left to carry before carrying a heavy load.

My Weight + Gear = 90 + 67.75 = 157.75 leaving 22.25 kg before exceeding Jet Pack lift capacity.

Credits: 0 (borrowed 10000 from Talina)

Everyone has Helmet with a Helmet Package
includes Dark Vision, 5 superior tech spec equipment bonus on Perception checks, hands free Comlink (Core 134) with Encryption (10 DC to decode comlink transmissions, Video and integrated Pocket Scrambler (Core 134 see below) total DC 40 Use Computer check to break encryption and scrambling, Visual Amplification (Core 136 as Electrobinoculars -1 per 10 squares to perception checks instead of -5) Three Phase Sonic Filtering (Core 133)

(total +1.5 kg to helmet weight (varies))

Load: 90 kg/ 67.75 kg (157.75 kg/ 180 kg Jet Pack capacity)
Age: 13 Hgt: 1.9 Meters Wgt: 90 kg ‘weakling’

Appearance: Gek never grew to more than 2/3rds the weight of a normal fully grown Gamorrean, his weak chin, wider spaced unsquinty eyes, wrinkly empty stomach rolls, stubby snout, and malformed nubs instead of proper horns spoke of a Gamorrean who would not likely survive the riggors of combat, and was no use for breeding

Personality: Lazy, Gluttonous, Pampered, Analytical, Ferocious

Gek Fenn


S 19/21 (4/5)(8 bld pts=15):2 race +2 lvl up @ 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 = 22 (6) : 2 armor = 24 (7)
D 12 (1) (6 bld pts=14):-2 race +1 lvl up @ 16, 20= 14 (2)
C 14 (2) (6 bld pts=14)
I 15 (
2) (8 bld pts =15):-2 race 1 lvl up @ 4, 8, 12= 16 (3)
(trained in Acrobatics + Mand’oa @ Level 4)
W 8 (-1) (0 bld) = 8
Ch 8 (-1) (0 bld) = 8

Ref @ lvl 10: 30 (with Heavy 10/4/1 armor =10 +10 lvl +6 armor (10 Base Armor +2 Attune Armor +1 Stygian Triprismatic Polymer (Rebel 126) = 13/2 = 6) +1 dex (1 armor +1 max dex Attune Armor) +2class +1 Imp Def)
Fort @ lvl 10: 34 (with Heavy 10/4/1 armor =10 +10 lvl +4 Equipment Bonus +2 Superior Fortifying Armor +1 Mandalorian Iron to Equipment Bonus (Threats 103 +1 Fort Def) +2 con +2 race +2 class +1 Imp Def)
Will @ lvl 10: 28 (with Heavy 10/4/1 armor =10 +10 lvl +4 Equipment Bonus +2 Superior Fortifying Armor +1 Mandalorian Iron to Equipment Bonus (Grand Army) -1 wis +1 class +1 Imp Def)

Single 2 Handed Attack with Arg’garok Axe @ +14 with Rapid Strike 3d12 +16: average 35.5 damage OR
Single 2 Handed Attack Great Lightsaber @ +12 with Rapid Strike 3d10/3d10 +21: average 37.5 damage (4d10/4d10 +21 vs targets with DR: average 43 damage)

HP: 117
Damage Threshold: 39
Force Points: 10
Destiny Points: 3
Discovery Destiny (+1 to all Defenses)

Acrobatics (T) : 11 : (5 lvl +1 dex +5 trained: Learned at lvl 4)
Athletics : 10 : (5 lvl +5 str)
Deception : 4 : (5 lvl 1 cha)
Endurance (T) : 12 : (5 lvl +2 con +5 trained)
Gather Info : 4 : (5 lvl -1 char)
Initiative (T) 11 : (5 lvl +1 dex +5 trained)
Knowledge : -
: (5 lvl +2 int)
Mechanics : 9 : (5 lvl +2 int +2 equipment bonus (Integrated Mechanical Interface Visor (can use trained only skill uses untrained))
Perception (T): 14 : (5 lvl -1 wis +5 trained +5 equipment bonus (Helmet Package)
Persuasion : 4 : (5 lvl -1 cha)
Pilot : 8 : (5 lvl +1 dex + 2 equipment bonus (Integrated Pilot Interface Visor (can use trained only skill uses untrained))
Ride : 6 : (5 lvl +1 dex)
Stealth: 11 : (5 lvl +1 dex + 5 equipment bonus (Camouflage Poncho)
Survival: 4 : (5 lvl -1 wis)
Treat Injury: 4 : (5 lvl -1 wis)
Use Computer : 9 : (5 lvl +2 int +2 equipment bonus (Integrated Computer Interface Visor (can use trained only skill uses untrained))
Use the Force (T): 9 : (5 lvl -1 cha +5 trained)

Languages: Gamorrean, Basic (Can’t Speak), Dosh (Can’t Speak), Mand’oa (Can’t Speak-Learned @ lvl 4)

Level 1 Soldier 1
1 BAB=1 30 Base HP
Class Bonus: +2 Fort +1 Reflex
Race Bonus: Great Fortitude +2 Fortitude
R 13 F 17 W 10
Class Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium) (Core 82); Weapon Proficiency (Simple) (Core 89)
Race Restriction: Primitive (Core 26) (do not gain Weapon Proficiency: Pistols, Rifles, Heavy Weapons at 1st Level
House Rule: Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons) (Core 89) for using Arg’garok (as Shadowarrior’s House Rules from
Race Feat: Improved Damage Threshold (Core 86) (
5 Damage Threshold)
1st Level Feat: Force Sensitive (Core 85) (Use the Force is considered a Class Skill)
Talent: Armored Defense (Core 52) Whenever calculating your Reflex Defense you may add either your heroic level or armor bonus, whichever is higher, you must be proficient with the armor used.

Level 2 Scout 1
+0 BAB=1 D8 HP
Class Bonus: +1 Fort +2 Reflex (replaces Soldier +1 Reflex)
R 15 F 18 W 11
Class Feat: Shake It Off (Core 88) (2 swift actions +1 Condition Track: conditional Bonus Feat must be trained in Endurance) only get 1 feat from starting feats from multiclassing
Talent: Evasion (Core 50) (Take 1/2 damage from area attack if the attack hits you, zero damage if the area attack misses you)

Level 3 Scout 2
+1 BAB=2 D8 HP
R 23 F 25 W 12
Class Feat: Armor (Heavy) (Core 82)
3rd Level Feat: Powerful Charge

Level 4 Jensaarai Defender 1 (As Jedi 1 – trained by Bol)
Requirements: Force Sensitive, must be a member of the Jensaarai Tradition +1 BAB=3 D10 HP
Class Bonus: +1 Defenses (replaces no bonus to Will Defense)
+1 BAB=3 D10 HP
R 25 F 26 W 14
Class Feat: Weapon Proficiency (Light Saber) (Core 89) only get 1 feat from starting feats from multiclassing
Talent: Attune Armor (Core 107 – Jensaarai Talent Tree) (Taught to me from Bol who learned from a Jensaarai Mandalorian, +2 Reflex and +1 max dex to armor worn)
Bonus Ability: Able to build own Light Saber when you have 7 heroic levels (Core 40)
+1 Str (18) +1 Int (14) (Trained in Acrobatics + Mand’oa @ Level 4)

Level 5 Soldier 2
+1 BAB=4 D10 HP
R 25 F 27 W 21
Class Feat: Grand Army of the Republic Training (CWCG 31) (add your armor Equipment Bonus to your Will Defense)

Level 6 Soldier 3
1 BAB=5 D10 HP
R 25 F 28 W 22
Talent: Juggernaut (Core 52) (may move full movement in medium and heavy armor)
6th Level Feat: Desperate Gambit (S
V 21) (you may reroll 1 attack per turn, though the 2nd result must be acceptable, -2 Reflex until start of next turn to reroll, -5 Reflex until start of next turn if rerolling a nautral 1)

Level 7 Soldier 4
+1 BAB=6 D10 HP
R 25 F 29 W 23
Class Feat: Rapid Strike (Core 88) (you may make 2 quick strikes with a melee weapon as a single attack -2 attack penalty +1 damage die on attack, may be used with other attack options, damage does not stack with Mighty Swing)

Level 8 Soldier 5
+1 BAB=7 D10 HP
R 27 F 30 W 24
Talent: Improved Armor Defense (Core 52) (add 1/2 your armor reflex bonus (round down) to reflex def + character level)
+1 Str (19) +1 Dex (13)

Level 9 Soldier 6
+1 BAB=8 D10 HP
R 29 F 33 W 27
Class Feat: Deft Charge
9th Level Feat: Improved Defenses

Level 10 Soldier 7
+1 BAB=9 D10 HP
R 30 F 34 W 28
Talent: Melee Smash(Core 52)
Force Points: 5 + 1/2 Level = 10

Future Levels

Level 11 Gladiator 1
1 BAB=10 D10 HP
4 Reflex Defense replaces +2)
R 33 F 35 W 29
Talent: Exotic Weapons Master

Level 12 Enforcer 1
+0 BAB=10 D8 HP
R 34 F 36 W 30
Talent: Takedown
12th Level Feat: Bantha Rush (Core 82) (after a successful melee attack you may move your opponent 1 square as a free action, you may not move a grabbed or grappled opponent or move a your opponent into a solid object or another creatures fighting space)
+1 Str (20) +1 Int (16)
Train in Gather Information
Additional Language Huttese

Level 13 Soldier 10
+1 BAB= 11 D10 HP
R 36 F 37 W 31
Feat: Martial Arts I

Level 14 Soldier 9
+1 BAB=11 D10 HP
R 37 F 38 W 32
Talent: Stunning Strike (Core 52) (When you damage an opponent and exceed his damage threshold he moves an additional -1 step along the condition track)

Level 15 Scoundrel 1
0 BAB = 11 D6 HP
R 38 F 39 W 33
Class Feat: Point Blank Shot (Core 87) (
1 bonus to attack and damage on ranged weapons at point blank range) *only get 1 feat from starting feats from multiclassing
Talent: DR 10 (Core 101)
15th Level Feat: Power Attack (Core 87)

Level16 Elite Trooper 1
+1 BAB=12 D12 HP
R 39 F 42 W 34
Delay Damage
Talent: Improved Stunning Blow (Clone 40)

Level 17 Jensaari Guardian 1
Class Bonus: +2 all Defenses
+1 BAB = 13 D10 HP
R 40 F 43 W 35
+1 Str (21) +1 Dex (13)
Talent: Force Fortification (Core 101)

Level 18 Jensaari Guardian 2
+1 BAB=14 D10 HP
R 41 F 44 W 36
Force Technique: Force Point Recovery (Core 102)
18th Level Feat: Triple Critical Exotic Weapons (Core 89)

Level 19 Jensaari Overseer (As Jedi Master)
Fearless (Core 220)
Serenity (Core 220)
Class Bonus: +3 all Defenses
+1 BAB=16 D10 HP
R 42 F 45 W 37
Talent: Equilibrium (Core 101)

Level 20 Jensaari Guardian 3
+1 BAB=17 D10 HP
Talent: Second Skin (Core 52)

R 48 (43 Flat Footed) (46 with Powerful Charge, 44 with Powerful Charge & Desperate Gambit 41 if re rolling a ‘1’) with Heavy 10/4/1 armor =10 +20 lvl +8 armor (10 base armor +2 Attune Armor +1 Stygian Triprismatic Polymer Amor +2 Superior Protective Armor (Prototype Armor) +1 Second Skin) = 16/2 = +8 armor) +1 Microshield +2 dex (1 armor +1 max dex Attune Armor) +4 class +1 Improved Defenses +1 Martial Arts +1 Destiny)
F 48 (53 Damage Threshold) (with Heavy 10/4/1 armor =10 +20 lvl +4 Equipment Bonus +2 Superior Fortifying Armor (Prototype Armor) +1 Mandalorian Iron Equipment Bonus (Threats 103) +2 con +2 race +4 class +1 Improved Defenses +1 Second Skin +1 Destiny)
W 44 (with Heavy 10/4/1 armor =10 +20 lvl +7 Equipment Bonus (4 Armor +2 Superior Fortifying Armor +1 Mandalorian Iron to Equipment Bonus (Grand Army)) +2 Force Bonus (Kasha Crystal) -1 wis +3 class +1 Improved Defenses +1 Second Skin +1 Destiny)
+1 Str (22) +1 Dex (14)

Prototype Armor takes +1die of damage on a critical hit

Attacks @20th Level
Single 2 Handed Attack Arg’garok Axe with Lightsaber Spike (Stripped back to an exotic weapon for Gammoreans) (1d3 damage, attuned Kasha Crystal) 28 with Powerful Charge and Rapid Strike 3d12 + 35 damage:average 55.5 damage (Bantha Rush and Takedown will push the target back one square and prone)
Single 2Handed Attack with Great Lightsaber with Crossguard (Attuned Kasha Crystal for Crossguard) (
29 (changed Lightsaber to +2 superior tech to hit) with Powerful Charge and Rapid Strike 3d10 +35 (avg 51.5 dmg) or 4d10 +35 vs targets with DR (avg 57 dmg) (Bantha Rush & Takedown will push the opponent back one square and prone)


Gek was a young, skinny Gamorrean when the Clone Wars raged. The Trandoshan slavers almost didn’t take him when they raided his small clan and took them as slaves to Trandosha. He never grew to more than 2/3rds the weight of a normal fully grown Gamorrean, his weak chin, wider spaced unsquinty eyes, wrinkly empty stomach rolls, stubby snout, and malformed nubs instead of proper horns spoke of a Gamorrean who would not likely survive the rigors of combat, and was no use in a breeding facility. He labored for the Trandoshans while his Clan were sold as cannon fodder to the Separatists, from all accounts less than 8 percent survived. Gek vowed to try and find any remaining Gamorrean slaves of his clan and rescue them. Not wanting to eventually be cannon fodder himself, he took his chance to escape by to hiding on a ship when a Mandalorian named Bol came to Trandosha.

Gek didn’t realize it but he had stowed away on a ship belonging to a Mandalorian Gamorrean named Bol’ak Fenn, who had returned to Gamorrea to ensure that the Separatists and Hutts did not sell or enslave his clan. He found that the Trandoshan slavers hired by the Hutts for the Separatists, had already been there and that they were holding his clan on Trandosha, waiting for orders on where to ship them. Bol arranged for their freedom and return to Gamorrea and made arrangements so they wouldn’t be enslaved again. He made very sure the Trandoshans understood his Clan was under his, and now their, protection. Bol didn’t know he had picked up a stowaway during this mission until he discovered Gek when his hunger drove him from his hiding place to attempt to steal food.

Bol could sense that Gek, like himself, was force sensitive, and taught him the beginnings of how to use the force in the Jensaarai tradition, a tradition in which Bol had been trained by another Mandalorian of Jensaarai descent. The Jensaarai are much like the Jedi in building and using lightsabers, but walk a thin line between the light and the dark. Bol stressed that the force should only be used by Gek for defensive purposes, until he learned more. That thin line could only be walked with training, otherwise Gek would certainly fall to the Dark side and the balance would not be maintained. There are many facets of the Force, but balance must always be maintained. Otherwise, Gek could come to hurt clan, kin, and Mandalorians.

Bol explained that being a Mandalorian was not just about armor and weapons, but about being self sufficient, speaking Mand’oa, loyalty to clan, kin and the Mandalore (the Mandalorian leader). It didn’t matter about race, social class or profession, no one made you a Mandalorian except you. Mandalorians come from all walks of life and all species. Bol admired Gek’s survival instinct and set him aboard the next space station with a gift, a very sharp (Echani Templated) Arg’garok and a Red Bladed Lightsaber. He told him to make his way and discover his path.

It didn’t take long for Gek’s belly to rumble and the high ideals Bol spoke of faded. Within a week he had joined the Grand Army of the Republic, in his mind, to fight against the Separatists that had enslaved his people, but really to feed his belly. Having brought his own weapon, (Bol had warned him not to show his Lightsaber for fear of unwanted attention from Jedi) the Republic gave him some armor and some basic grand army of the republic training. Not long after his arrival, he was sent to his first battle, a little world not far from the space station.

The Mandalorian 212 who fought with the Separatists arrived to route the Republic Army contingent that Gek was part of. In the battle, Bol recognized Gek as he swung his axe wildly, with power, but also with fear. Bol fought his way over and soundly defeated Gek, giving him a vicious head wound, yet sparing his life. Bol taught Gek that day that he fought on the wrong side. The Separatists used his people as cannon fodder and the Republic used Clones bred to be slaves as their cannon fodder. Either side would enslave whoever they could, in whatever way they could, and this slavery would be done by Trandoshans, the Separatists, other races on behalf of the Hutts, or, as in the case of the Republic, through the cloners on Kamino, breeding and selling an army to fight and kill with little choice of their own. What Gek needed to do was learn to protect his own. He could only do this by ultimately becoming a Mandalorian, to fight for and with, all faithful Mandalorians while searching for the remnants of his own direct Gamorrean Clan.

Clutching his axe and his meager belongings, he disappeared, assumed dead. With the vicious head wound that Bol gave him during their fight, he wasn’t far off it, the scar still remains. Bol showed him how to heal quickly through the force, and Gek started to fight as a Separatist along with Bol, while trying to find out about his Gamorrean Clan from his new allies. Bol helped Gek by building up his armor, making it what it is now. Before Gek could get any information on his Gamorrean Clan, Bol left with the Mandalorian 212 on a special mission where they were massacred. Only a few survived, but Bol was dead. The Jedi were the perpetrators of the massacre but at the behest of a Baron who had tricked them to do his bidding. Gek vowed pay back for his friend’s death and took the last name Fenn, marking him as Mandalorian Clan to Bol. Gek would eventually add to the armor that Bol made him and paint it Black for Justice and Grey for Mourning, in the Mandalorian tradition.

Yet Gek realized that the Jedi were ultimately not to blame. They had been pawns like he had been. It was the Baron and the corrupt system he was a part of that was responsible. He grew even more determined to undermine and expose the corruption within the Republic and find his lost kin.

Returning to Republic space, he was apprehended as a deserter. Feigning amnesia and showing the head wound scar Bol left him, Gek would have been convicted and enslaved were it not for an agent of Bail Organa who brought him to Organa’s attention as a possible recruit to Organa’s fledgling organization that battles the rotting core within the Republic. Owing a debt to Organa, Gek kept his axe, armor and lightsaber, vowing to repay the debt, continue with avenging Bol’s death, hurt the evil within the Republic and become a true Mandalorian in order to find his lost kin.

Gek Fenn

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