Destiny Discovery (revised)

1. Rescue the Alderaanian Security agent (1)
2. Take part in locating Warrick Raden and convincing him to lead the heroes to Darga’s sanctuary (2)
3. Discover who Darga’s agent is in the tournament and learn Darga’s whereabouts (3)
4. Recover the Qornah Holocron (4)


Doros mech
He is naive and wants to see the best in people no matter who they are. He is convinced that if people know the truth about what is going on in the galaxy then they will change their minds and fight back. He underestimates the fear and intimidation that the empire has on the galaxy.

He wants to be a hero, he has a natural skill and a love for all things that move and figures there is a place for skills somewhere.

Bolo started learning about machines and computers as soon as he could. It was a good family friend on Duros (I’m calling him Rugon) who introduced him to speeders and starships and there were many a scrape and broken bone suffered joyously at the hands of some speeder or bike accident. Many of which were hidden from the family.

His father was a simple guy who married a simple woman and they were happy with the life they had. Boring was good. He also learned about guns from this friend and REALLY liked them. As soon as it was legal, Bolo had one. Again concealing it from his family.

I got a job at a local speeder dealership as a car jockey by lying about my age (remember he’s still really young). He loved being around the speeders of all kinds but never learned anything past how to drive most of them. The mechanics bit he figured he would pick up later.

Of course I had heard of Jedi before but had never met one and never dreamed of meeting one before he met Talina. I had just had a big fight with my Dad over the same old thing. Spending too much time with my friends and speeder races and not enough time at school. I didn’t mind school but considering all that was going on in the Galaxy it seemed like spending years learning skills that would be seemingly next to useless, was a great waste of time. For me it was all about
practical skills and my Dad and I had a very fundamental difference in life theories.

I had gone to my “need to think and be alone” spot (a riverside area close to my house) when I heard someone (Talina) struggling in the river I didn’t necessarily “save her life” but I was the first person to see her and help her out, when she washed up right in front of me. She told me she was in trouble and needed a safe place. I immediately offered my help and had a weird feeling about the nature of this girl. A good weird feeling but still a bit off. I brought her back home and
figured she could stay there. When I told my Mom and Dad about her they took one look at her and freaked. In the ensuing argument they forbade her from staying there citing some “outside influence” thing that I really didn’t understand. When I wouldn’t budge on my insistence on helping her they kicked us both out. I was never going back. I packed what I could and left.

We stayed at my friend’s garage for a while and there I learned that Talina was a Jedi. I was in awe and wanted to learn what I could, but she had just been through something so traumatic, I didn’t want to push. She said she felt responsible for getting me kicked out. I told her the truth in that the conflict she saw was a long time coming and that if it wasn’t going to happen then it would have been soon after. We hung out, I hid her and got us food when I could. When we heard about a work opportunity off world, we decided to go for it. We needed money and we couldn’t stay where we were so we left. I sent my parents a coded message (so they couldn’t find me) stating that they wouldn’t have to worry about me anymore. I was going far away and trying to make a difference in the galaxy.

I thought at the time that saying what I did was maybe a bit cruel, but my adolescent rebellion was doing the talking at the time and if I wasn’t going to get my family’s approval one way then maybe being a hero would work. I have always regretted being so short and callous in my goodbye. I desperately worry about my family all the time. I want to let them know I’m OK and find out how they are. But considering how much we have been through now and that I’m still friends with Talina, I just don’t think I can. It’s even in the back of my head that my parent’s might give me up as a traitor if I went home or contacted them.

We got onto a transport going off world but with all the bureaucracy and new protocols, we got re-routed away from our destination and ended up at Sel-Zonn Station.

That’s part of what you asked and I’ll try to answer some of the other questions. I don’t mind doing this at all if you don’t mind reading it all.

As far as What I’m most afraid of, I think it would be something like letting people down. Failing, when people who trusted or depended on me needed me the most. Also the thing with my parents has really stuck with me.

I look up to Talina, and to the people who are fighting for peace in the Galaxy. Kayle is one of those guys like Jayne in Firefly. You want him on your side in a fight, but sometimes you wonder why he is your friend. Then he does something really cool and you can’t imagine being
without him. If you haven’t seen Firefly I’ll lend it to you. It rocks.

Order 66 was the worst thing he had ever heard of in his life. It hit him like a ton of bricks. The thought of such betrayal and deception was really sickening. Even worse was the thought and realization that some people would buy it and believe the biggest lie in the galaxy. The level of greed, blood lust and power manipulation, staggered his sense of what was even possible for people to do to each other. He grew up a lot in that moment and lost a lot of his innocence.

I was too young at the time of the Clone Wars and much to the chagrin of my parents I would have joined willingly. So instead I downloaded everything I could on Clone War tech. Weapons, ships, enemy and friendly. Just to feel like he was a part of the fight. I always knew exactly what I would wear or carry into battle from bandoliers to guns.


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